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Google and Gos the same?

Google, even before Chrome OS has been rumored to be working on an operating system to take over the world. Of course Google has always denied this (until the announcement of Chrome OS 1) There have also been talk of Google using something dubbed “Goobuntu” 2. This has been confirmed by Google and Mark Shuttleworth 3 but both deny any idea of releasing their semi-modified version of Ubuntu 4.

What is Gos? Gos, or Goodos, is a modified distribution based on Ubuntu linux 4. Ubuntu usually comes bundled with the Gnome Desktop environment. Gos on the other hand come with the Enlightenment 6 desktop environment along with some Google applications. Are Google and Gos connected? According to http://whois.domaintools.com/thinkgos.com the domain name for www.thinkgos.com is owned by a man named David Liu. Searching his name, I can’t find any link between Google and Mr. Liu. What I did find, was this page http://www.thinkgos.com/cloud/index.html now is it me, or does this look a lot like Google’s Chrome browser? While I can’t find any info to confirm this, I find this very interesting. On top of that, The last time the page was updated was before the announcement of Chrome os and the page still says …coming soon. Could Good OS be the fabled Goobuntu? Is Cloud OS the same as Chrome OS? We can only wonder.

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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. If you are reading my first post, you probably know me. For those that don’t my name is Christopher. I am 25 years old and have a lot of opinions and views I will be sharing here. Some posts might be boring, some might be interesting, you might agree with some, you might think I am an idiot. Anyway, welcome to my blog. Some topics I will be blogging about are:


Technology (computers, mobile phones, etc)


and some mindless rambling at some points.